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Sharing our Blessings


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OUR FOUNDER: Blessed Francisco Palau

Francisco Palau was one of the prominent sons of the Discalced Carmelites. He joined the Order of the Discalced Camielites in Barcelona at the time when the Church in Spain was being persecuted. He was so deeply convinced of his vocation that he declared, “To live in Carmel, I needed only one thing, that is, vocation. ”

He imbibed the prophetic and contemplative zeal of the great saints of Carmel and enriched it with his own experience of the Church. His deep experience of the Mystery of the Church clarified the meaning of his paternity and gave definitive direction to his work as Founder. It was his profound love affair with the Church that gave birth to another branch, the Carmelite Missionaries. The year 1860 marked the beginning of a new life that sprang out of a strong and sturdy branch of Carmel.

“To live in Carmel, I needed only one thing, that is, vocation. ”

Fr. Francisco Palau

Juana Gratias

Juana Gratias – the unbreakable link between Fr. Francisco Palau and the First Carmelite Missionaries

In 1845, Juana Gratias met Fr. Francisco Palau during his exile in France. Since then, their lives have been parallel. Juana Gratias’ spiritual trajectory has been linked to Francisco’s.

She was part of the small group of women, guided by him. She was the person of confidence of Father Palau, whom he directs spiritually and gives him the guidelines to gradually shape the first communities of Carmelite Missionaries.

The Carmelite Missionaries

Since 1860, the Carmelite Missionaries bloomed with local foundations in Spain, particularly in the Balearic Islands and the Region of Catalunya and Aragon. They combined fundamentally the heritage of Teresian Carmel as it was lived and handed on by Fr. Francisco Palau, OCD and his new charismatic and ecclesial experiences.

“It is Gods will that a religious institute be established which pursues the perfection proposed by the Rule given to Carmel by Albert, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and reformed by our holy Mother Sta. Teresa. It is the will of God, of Sta. Teresa and of the people that teaching and activity be combined with the perfection of contemplative life so that while distinguishing clearly between the two, thev are united closely in order to meet the needs of the Church.”

(Letter 92)

In the beginning, the sisters responded to the needs of the Spanish people in the area of health and education contributing to the rebuilding of the nation after the destructive effects of the revolution. But they did not stay within the confines of Spain. Fifty years after, in the year 1910, they sailed to Argentina implanting their roofs in South American soil. This foundation opened the door for the spread of the CM foundations all over South America.

Later, they extend their branches to other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Today, the Carmelite Missionaries are spread out to five (5) continents. It is present in 39 countries, with 239 communities, and 1,707 sisters.

Our Institutions

F. Palau St. Sacred Heart Village Novaliches Quezon City

288 – 290 D. Tuazon Avenue, Quezon City


1 Sanico St., Brgy. Poblacion, Dingle, Iloilo


Mater Carmeli Ladies Home, Bacolod (MCLH – Bacolod)
Palau Youth Center, La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Mater Carmeli Ladies Home, Iloilo (MCLH – Iloilo)
12 San Agustin Street, Iloilo City

FB: @mclhcarmelitemissionaries


Carmelite Missionaries Center of Life (CMCL)

Brgy. Tinocuan, Dueñas, Iloilo

Carmelite Missionaries Center for Spirituality (CMCS)
6365 Kabaangan Road, Brgy. Iruhin West, Tagaytay City
Blog: www.cmcenterofspirituality.blogspot


Fr. Francisco Palau Foundation, Inc. (FFPFI)

19 Scout Madriña Street, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City

Philanthropic Development Office (PDO)

19 Scout Madriña Street, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City